Out-of-Province students

Hey out-of-province students, welcome to Ontario, and the City of Toronto – your new home for the 2017/18 school year! Here are a few resources, as well as some helpful bits of information about each resource, that are sure to make your transition into our community smooth:

Provincial and territorial information for Canada Students Loans and Grants

  • Student loans – don’t stress! Student loans are generally something provided to you by your province of permanent residency, not by the province a student is studying in – so for you, that’s the province you are coming from, NOT Ontario! For example, a student from British Columbia may receive funding to attend UofT from StudentAid BC, whereas students who are permanent residents of Ontario may receive funding from OSAP. Read up on the student loan options from your province of permanent residency using the link above!


✳ Government of Ontario

  • Your new province has a different provincial government than where you came from! Take some time to explore the way Ontario is run with the link above.


✳ The Ontario Secondary Curriculum 

  • A common concern that incoming students from different provinces (or anywhere other than students from Ontario really!) is that the University of Toronto often, but not always, loosely bases its first year curriculum off of the assumption that students will have the knowledge that is taught in Ontario high schools. Though high schools around the world teach a general and most often extremely similar curriculum, there may be some discrepancy in knowledge as students make the transition from high school to university. That being said, this link lists the skills taught to Ontario high school students divided into the study area. Check out your area of study, and if you feel there is a significant discrepancy, read up on the subject you are concerned about!


✳ Canada’s Top Travel Rewards Credit & Charge Cards for 2017 

  • Getting a credit card can be a daunting, though prudent task. Beginning to build your credit score now is a great idea, and as an out-of-province student, credit cards that allow you to build up points redeemable for travel is a mega-bonus! The following link displays many different credit card options that collect points redeemable for travel. They are ranked in categories on the link, though if obtaining a credit card is something you are interested in, look through them all to decide for yourself which one is the best one for you!


Still have questions? Post on our social media, email us, or ask your peers (Facebook -_Accepted – University of Toronto, class of 2021 (Innis College))!