Hello incoming first years! Are you a student who will be commuting to school? If so, we would like to invite you to Innis Commuter Orientation on August 26th, 2017!
Separate from the main orientation, the commuter orientation introduces students to the specific resources available for commuter students at UofT and Innis College! By meeting your fellow commuter students, being informed of the specific ways that commuters can get involved on campus, and becoming familiar with UofT/Innis College, your new school can become your home. This event is completely free, and you can register using the link below. 
< Registration has been closed for commuter orientation as all the spots have filled up! Thanks to everyone who registered! >





✳ Where can I find a printer on campus?

Innis has a printer that charges $0.03 per page

More info:

In general, printing can be done at any library unless otherwise indicated.

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✳ Should I invest in a monthly metro pass?

Yes! We highly recommend purchasing one especially if you have class everyday! Since you can use it as many times as you’d like, it makes it super convenient to make your way around Toronto! You can also save money by buying the metro pass instead of tokens or tickets which can add up.


 Where can I find a microwave to heat up my food?

Innis commuter lounge has a microwave that you can use (bonus: you could also eat there as well!)

Robarts Library, Sidney Smith, Medical Sciences Building also have microwaves available for use.


✳ Where can I study in between or after my classes?

There are several libraries on campus that you can study at.

More info:


 How do I get involved in Innis?

Come out to Innis’ club fair during orientation to see all the clubs we have to offer! You’re sure to find something that suits you!

To get involved in UofT in general check out:

✳ How do I meet people as a commuter?

Go to orientation! Get involved! Join clubs and teams! Don’t be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself to someone on the first day of classes!

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