General Accessibility During Orientation

Notes from the Orientation Team

Innis College Orientation, like the College itself, is for everyone. This message is also for everyone, whether you feel you need it or not, and for whatever reasons. We are here to plan an amazing Orientation, your first community experience at the University of Toronto, and so that means we are here for you. If you have concerns about how you might participate in Orientation, we have prepared this resource with information regarding the accessibility of Orientation, Innis College, and the University of Toronto. Feel free to look through it or contact us at with any questions or concerns. Welcome to Innis!


Locations and Accommodations

 Innis Residence

The Innis Residence is a fully accessible building, including the Events Room and the Quad, which will be used during Orientation.

✳ Goldring Centre for High-Performance Sport

The court in the Goldring Centre for High-Performance Sport is accessible by the main entrance and by elevators to the lower floor. The path routed between the Innis College Quad and the court is fully accessible, however, there may be uneven terrain. All efforts will be made by the Orientation Team to provide assistance and ensure the comfort of all incoming students in transit from any event to another.

✳ Innis College

The Innis College building can be a confusing building to navigate, and unfortunately, it is not fully accessible. It is equipped with accessible entrances and an elevator up to the second and third floors east of Town Hall, but the second and third floors in the west wing are not wheelchair accessible. Luckily, the Registrar and all the fun things planned for Orientation will all take place in the accessible locations!


For one of our events, we will be using the TTC to travel off campus. To do this we will be getting on at St.George station on the Bedford side, which is an accessible stop, and getting off at another accessible stop near the event.

 Parade Accommodations

Every year, the students of all the colleges, professional faculties, and campuses, come together to parade down Yonge street and the surrounding area to show off our spirit and our unity. There will also be an accessibility vehicle for Innis students who would like to ride in one or require a rest along the way, and leaders will be with the students to assist them and ensure that everyone is feeling their best!


Accessibility Resources

✳ At Innis

Embedded Advisors – Health and Wellness

Handy section on Health & Wellness

You and Innis, taking care of you

The Registrar



✳ At the University of Toronto

Health & Wellness Services

U of T Accessibility Services

Map and building information – accessibility breakdown

AODA Information


 More Information on Accessibility at the University of Toronto

On Note Taking


✳ In Toronto

Getting Around On the TTC and Other Services